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Timber Stairs Sanding and Polishing in Wollongong

Timber stairs are a pivotal part of any Australian home. They get used day in and day out and can be found both on the inside and the outside of most homes and businesses. The average person descends and ascends over 200,000 steps in their lifetime (that's a lot of use!).

Whether it's exposed to the Wollongong elements outside or the constant barrage of foot traffic inside, the original beauty of your hardwood staircases can slowly deteriorate over time.

At One Stop Floor Sanding, we understand the importance of preserving both the aesthetics and structural integrity of your staircases. Our comprehensive staircase refurbishment service in Wollongong is dedicated to transforming worn, lackluster staircases back into the stunning part of your property it once was.

If your wooden staircase is looking old and in desperate need of rejuvenation, please contact One Stop Floor Sanding as soon as you can. Our timber sanding contractors specialise in staircase sanding and polishing and here to help you restore your stairs to its former glory. Give our team a call today for a free quote!

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Timber Staircase Sanding and Polishing

Timber Staircase Sanding, Polishing, Refinishing, and Staining in Wollongong

To ensure Wollongong residence have the best care and treatment when it comes to timber staircase refurbishments, we provide expert services that entail all aspects of stair and timber balustrade restoration. We are here to help you restore your old stairs using all available methods of rejuvenation.

Staircase sanding and polishing Services

Over time, foot traffic and exposure can lead to scratches and worn finishes on your stairs. Our advanced wooden stairs sanding techniques gently remove imperfections, breathing new life into the wood. We then employ precision techniques to polish your staircases, restoring their natural sheen and allure.

Stair refinishing & staining Services

Timber types like hardwood stairs, Baltic stairs, and Kauri pine staircases possess unique characteristics that deserve to be highlighted. Our timber stair refinishing process brings out the inherent beauty of each wood variety.

We offer a wide range of timber stains and finishes including natural oils, advanced two components waterborne finishes, water-based polyurethane coatings, and anti-slip matte finish varnishes (adhering to Australia's Anti Slip Ratings AS 4586). Our team can help you pick one that is best for you.

We can sand, polish, and varnish the following areas on your staircases:

  • Landings
  • Risers
  • Stringers
  • Balustrades
  • Treads
  • Handrails
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The Importance of Timber Staircase Maintenance & Refinishing

What are the main benefits of hardwood stair sanding and polishing you may ask? Some homeowners tend to think it is not necessary. It's safe to say we strongly disagree... and for a good reason too.

We recommend stair restoration should be done at least once every few years. You'll get many, many more years out of your stairs that way and it'll save you a tonne of money in the long run by avoiding the need to replace it in its entirety. These are some of the important reasons for staircase restoration Wollongong:

  • Extended Lifespan: As we just said, a well-maintained staircase can endure decades, becoming a timeless part of your home's architecture for years.
  • Structural Integrity: Regular inspection and care identify and address structural issues early on, preventing them from escalating into major problems.
  • Savings in the Long Run: Addressing minor issues through routine maintenance is significantly more cost-effective than facing major repairs or replacements.
  • Look out for uneven surfaces and warping. The process goes beyond surface-level enhancements, unveiling the natural beauty of your timber. Your timber decking will be looking vibrant once again.
  • Property Value: A well-maintained timber staircase can be a major selling point, making your property more appealing to potential buyers. According to a study by the Home Improvement Research Institute, homeowners who invest in regular maintenance enjoy a return on investment of up to 1000% when it's time to sell.

At One Stop Floor Sanding, we understand that your timber staircase is more than just steps; it's a statement. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your staircase remains not only functional but also an elegant focal point that adds value to your living space for many years into the future.

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The Process for Timber Staircase Restoration in Wollongong

Hardwood floors sanding in Wollongong

Step 1: Assessment

We evaluate your staircases condition and identify areas of damage that need attention. It's at this point we run through the array of staining options available and help you pick a staircase polish finish that suits you.

Timber stairs sanding

Step 2: Stair Sanding

Using specialised equipment such as a random-orbital sander, we strip back and remove old finishes, scratches, and damages in the wood to unveil its natural character. This is a delicate process and our expert floor sanders are careful to not damage any of it's surroundings.

Wooden staircase polishing in wollongong

Step 3: Stair Polishing & Staining

After applying a wood conditioner to absorb the stain and varnish, we polish your stairs to your desired look. We then apply advanced two-tone component waterborne finishes and durable commercial-grade polyurethanes as a protective barrier.

Best Wooden Stairs Sanding and Polishing Service in Wollongong

If you need hardwood stairs sanding and polishing Wollongong, look no further.

Our expertise, experience, and unwavering commitment define One Stop Floor Sanding as the premier destination for top-notch staircase restoration services in Wollongong.

With a team of skilled floor sanding contractors and a dedication to detail, we bring your staircases back to life, ensuring they remain awe-inspiring focal points within your home or business. From residential to commercial stairs sanding, we are the team for the job.

Take the first step towards discovering the beauty that awaits your staircase. Reach out to us today for a free consultation and estimate, and let us guide you through the transformative journey that will redefine your space.

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